Xbox Live/Internet Setting Help....

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Xbox Live/Internet Setting Help....

Post by Leigh Croft » Tue May 20, 2008 7:05 am

Is anyone here on Xbox Live?? I have it all set up and working fine but I have a problem connecting with a friend.

Basically we both live in the same student accomodation so share the same internet connection. Its a student internet service called Digital Village. Everyone in our halls is on the same service and we each have our own individual log-in details to access the internet. Weve had loads of problems with them in the past regarding download allowances and connection problems but thats all been pretty much sorted.

Basically we are unable to connect to the same game on Xbox live unless a mutual friend first host's the game and then invites up both in individually. I've been scouring the internet all day to try and find a soloution and its brought up a few things which we have both tried but it still won't let us connect to eachother.

One thing we tried was opening up a series of ports on out routers to connect to our Xbox IP addresses as explained on this forum...

Ive tried all of this and also found a website detailing that our NAT setting needs to be set to "Open" to allow us to connect to one another. Ive managed to do this on both of our systems yet it still wont work.

This is all confusing the hell out of me seeing as my technological skills in this area suck! :D The only thing I can think of is that it wont allow us because of the shared connection. If anyone has any advice or knows who we can get round this it would be much appreciated as its driving me absoloutley NUTS!!!!! :mad:

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