Code of Conduct / Rules

Our Code of Conduct and's most frequently asked questions, please look here before posting a question in the forum. Thanks
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Code of Conduct / Rules

Post by RQAdmin » Tue Jan 27, 2004 12:45 pm


Pornographic Material
No pornographic, semi-pornographic or sexist material is allowed. Also, please do not link to porn or post "Email/PM me for/with porn".

-No offensive content. (signatures,avatars ,links ,photos ect)

Colorful Language
In keeping with the family-friendly nature of this board, cursing is not allowed.

Personal Information
Posting of anyone's personal information without their consent is not allowed.

Spoiler Threads
Out of respect for our fellow members, please be careful not to post any potential spoiler material in message subjects. Use the word "SPOILER" instead.

You agree to respect your fellow members and their opinions.

Disagreements are bound to happen, please approach them civilly, with respect. Post as if our fellow members are in front of you.

Should you feel someone has crossed the line and is being disrespectful to you, pm an Admin or the section mod and allow them to handle things. Take the high road.

Respect also extends to non-members as well.

Please understand that this respect must extend to each and every member, the staff included and throughout all of the board's functions.

Special Note:
If a member's family, race, national origin or such is maliciously involved in an argument, the member who causes the involvement will face an immediate ban
from the RaiderQuest. I will review reinstatement of the member with the RQ/AP staff.

Off Topic Posting
While we do not want to restrict your freedom when posting, please take a look at what you are posting where. RQ is layed out in such as way to make it easier
for people to find information. Off topic post make it much harder for people to do that. We understand that there will be times when a thread will stray off topic.
Take a moment to try to bring it back. In some cases, post will be deleted to manage thread more efficiently.

General Rules
- Listed By section

-No Flaming or trolling

-When posting take note this forum is for all age groups .

-Do not take up threads upon threads using them as your own personal chat room. We have PM for that.

-you may lurk around but feel free to post, you can enjoy the forum more that way.

-If you're going to post trivial and silly content, it *must* be all ages or have a very visual disclaimer BEFORE the link. If it isn’t post in in Raiderbabe’s section and make sure it apply’s to the rules there also.

Raiderbabe forum
- Raiderbabe’s forum is for 18 +
- Younger Members are not allowed here
- You may discuss deeper rated topics, swear and such but the vulgar ,rude rules still apply.
- You may flirt but nothing more
- No offensive content.
- This is a restricted access section


By posting to this board, you agree to maintain this Code of Conduct.

Should your conduct come into question, you can be warned, banned temporarily or even removed from the board permanently.

This public board is privately owned and is operated solely by the RaiderQuest and Adventurersplace Staff. Anything they feel is unbecoming of RQ/Apwill be removed without notice.

The comments, opinions and assertions found herein are not representative of those of the owners, administrators or moderators of this board, and thus cannot and should not be imputed to them.

The Administration reserves the right to change and interpret this code as they see fit.

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