Zombies! A fun and original graphic novel

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Zombies! A fun and original graphic novel

Post by Anneke » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:45 pm

Now that I’ve stretched my legs a bit with some updates and responses to current threads I hope no one minds if I jump right in with making a new thread!

I have been a big comic book fan all my life, and recently I’ve been looking into zombies. My sound theories on the true coming of the zombie plague aside, I find zombies in general to be a great source for creative and artistic interpretation. Oddly, the zombie plague is an incredibly popular topic right now (why!?) with many games, movies, and books sprouting up. I blame the immensely popular Left 4 Dead for that one, though we all know it cropped up even earlier in Raccoon City and the original Night/Dawn/Land of the Dead films…

Anyhoo, I got this graphic novel for my Secret Santa gift at work.
Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection
http://www.amazon.com/Zombies-Record-In ... 49&sr=1-1l

On the outside it looks sort of like a guidebook, a more personal version of Max Brooks’ wonderfully popular Zombie Survival Guide. Upon closer inspection, I found that it’s actually a very detailed journal from the perspective of a zombie plague survivor who had his bird-watching journal and inks on hand when the plague started taking hold of his hometown. Since the author was a very talented bird watcher (an artist and great observer of details,) you are treated to some amazing artwork and very detailed descriptions of his experiences and what he witnesses. He finds comfort in this methodical chronicling of events, as it drives him on to discover more truth behind the zombie plague and connect with other survivors and learn their stories. All in all it’s an original, thought provoking book that keeps you interested as hope dwindles and then suddenly ignites again as the narrator makes gruesome discovery after discovery.

Anyone else enjoy some form of zombies or other graphic novels they feel should make next year’s reading list?? :D
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