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Post by LarryFilmmaker » Wed May 26, 2010 12:30 pm

I checked to see what the last post was in this thread and it was my own... 2 years ago. The "Fan Film" section is apparently dead around here now. Well, I retired from "fan films" myself with our last one ("The Greatest Fan Film of All Time"). Here is what we're up to now:

4Reelz, LLC

"Four Tanks and a Healer" is an Adult Swim-style animated TV pilot about five characters inside an online roleplaying game like Everquest, Guild Wars, or World of Warcraft. The show never leaves the game and you never see the real players, so the characters serve as their avatars and through them, you get a sense of who each person really is, though they are rarely the person they are trying to portray. It's very sarcastic and takes place in a "Dungeons and Dragons" sort of world. The lead heroes themselves, are in fact just four tanks and a healer, much to the dismay of the other players, who constantly belittle them and point out the fact that they simply cannot succeed without a greater variety of characters. However, the lead heroes are close friends and determined to play the game on their own terms, for better or worse... and usually worse. The animation is done by Jacob Drake with purposely-simplistic, 2D Flash. The pilot itself is being funded in part by Lord of the Rings executive producer, Mark Ordesky, who is serving as a sort of mentor to our group as we create the episode. The pilot is aiming for a September 15th deadline.

You can see a brief glimpse of the game's "Quest Bot" giving our four warriors a new quest here:
http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a109/ ... estBot.jpg

The second project, "The Wanderer King", is a feature length, animated epic in the style and genre of "Lord of the Rings" or "Dungeons and Dragons". Brutally honest in it's action scenes and extremely loyal to the fantasy genre, this is the best thing we've ever written. It starts off purposely cliche, following a young elf boy who is destined to one day be king, and the young man charged with protecting him. However, as events unfold, the dark truth becomes clearer and the entire prophecy itself is revealed to have all been part of a much larger and more sinister plot. The film's hero, Landon, Wanderer, goes from swearing to protect the child to vowing to stop him at all costs, in an emotional turn of events filled with murder and betrayal. Monsters from the fantasy genre abound in the form of goblins, dog-men, naga, demons, and more in this dark re-imagining of an age-old tale. The script was written by myself, Larry Longstreth, over the course of a year and a half and under the constant eye of Mark Ordesky, who shifted and molded the story until I felt I couldn't make it any better. Ordesky even approached animator Ralph Bakshi ("Wizards") about doing the project but it fell through. We are currently in talks with Blowfish FX about doing it as a full length, 3D epic, or possibly even a 2D epic in the same animation style as "Afro Samurai". There is a bit of early (and crude) concept artwork done by Chris Pitts, which you can see here:

http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a109/ ... 957440.jpg

I knew this site was the perfect place to show what we were up to. Hope you guys are all well. Take care


p.s. Are you guys pissed off at Indy's lame return to the big screen?

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