Zombies, Crab-Men, and giant midgets

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Zombies, Crab-Men, and giant midgets

Post by LarryFilmmaker » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:35 am

Raiderquest - I copy and pasted this from Superherohype, but I still think you'll dig it.

We're swamped with distributor stuff for "Twenty-Something" and kicking
off our first-ever animated feature, "The Wanderer King" right now,
both of which are really exciting, but I thought I'd share what we were
up to with those of you who I think would dig it.

We pitched a show early this year called "Four Tanks and a Healer".
Even got an offer from Sy Fy. However, most networks wanted to work
with our team, but thought the show itself was too niche. They wanted
something a little broader. I didn't want to do something that would
make me feel like I was dumbing myself down, so I came up with what I
believe to be a clever way to incorporate zombies, action, etc. All
the popular ingredients done in a new, fresh way. Thus, "Captain
Wilcox vs The End of the World" was born. The networks stressed
"We're very interested in what you guys do. Come back with to us with
something else." This is that something else.

CAPTAIN WILCOX vs THE END OF THE WORLD! is an animated TV series pilot.
It's an adventure/comedy.

Starring Teal Scherer (The Guild), Dian Bachar (Southpark,
Baseketball), Jason Miller (World of Warcraft), and Larry Longstreth as
Captain Jet Wilcox himself, and animated by Adam Fritz, this cartoon is
guaranteed to rock your world.

Hell, it might even destroy it.

It all started the day an Area-51 janitor named Bernie Chiarappa got so
fed up with the world's cruelty, ignorance, and poor treatment of one
another that he flipped a switch that was never to be flipped,
releasing a deadly experimental toxin into the air that was said to
have the power to destroy the entire world.

Now, 7 years, later... the world is a very different place.

Zombies, mutants, monsters, and giant midgets run wild in this
post-apocalyptic world. Few humans still survive, and those that do are
scattered across the Wastelands - the remains of a once thriving world.
Their only hope is Captain Jet Wilcox, The Hero of the Wastelands.
Captain Wilcox leads the ongoing fight for the future of humanity
against those who would do it harm. He fights like a man possessed.
Like a man trying to repent. Like a man trying to undo some horrible

Of course, his followers would tear him limb from limb if they ever
knew his secret: That Captain Wilcox and Bernie Chiarappa are the same

We are set for a pitch specifically with the Sy Fy network (but
obviously we're going to meet back w/ the others too).

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! We're looking to have it
all finished up in about 7 weeks! That makes it our fastest animated
project ever!




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Re: Zombies, Crab-Men, and giant midgets

Post by LarryFilmmaker » Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:03 pm

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